What we can do for you...

  • No cost/obligation trial of service
  • Customized form/template design at no charge
  • Customized dictation prompts
  • On site training for retrieval and storage of transcribed documents
  • Flexible turnaround times
  • Assigned transcriptionists
  • Microsoft Word 2003-2007, RTF or plain text formats
  • Optional month end report indexing summaries
  • Optional batch log reporting


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Locally owned and operated TranscriptionRx, Inc. works in partnership with its clients to provide healthcare documentation supporting the integrity of patient medical records through HIPAA compliant, accurate and timely medical transcription to physicians and clinics in the greater Jacksonville Metropolitan area.

The Team at TranscriptionRx provides more than 25 years of medical transcription, administrative and management experience allowing us to provide quality medical transcription as well as offering our clients other services to support and maximize their business.

Whether you are a hospital, an individual physician with a small office or a larger practicing group of physicians/clinic, we can tailor a dictation/transcription program to meet your needs. We understand the tremendous demands and constraints on a clinician's time.


Why Transcription Rx?

Our Goal

We are committed to providing our clients with the highest level of support, accuracy and timeliness for medical records documentation.

We understand documentation is an integral part of patient care. We also understand the resources required to manage this aspect of your business and feel transcription is a key component in this process. Accurate and timely transcription will foster improved patient care and optimize reimbursement by increasing efficiency in clinical and financial coding.

TranscriptionRx is available to meet with you and/or your office staff, one on one, in order to customize a program specifically designed to meet your needs.